5 Tips for Motorcycle Riding in Autumn

motorcycle riding in autumn

It seems that more people than ever are riding motorcycles. As the summer makes way for the autumn, it’s important to be safe when you’re out there riding. Unfortunately, there are dangers on the road that can be hazards. Here are five tips for motorcycle riding during the fall.

Less Traction on Cooler Roads

The change of seasons also means a change in the temperature of the concrete as well. When the road is cooler, it means less traction from your motorcycle’s ties, which also makes it easier to skid when you brake or slow down.

Watch Out for Leaves

Leaves can prove to be a hazard for motorcycle riders as well. Both falling leaves and those already on the ground can create problems. When they’re falling and are covered with moisture from rain, they can stick to your helmet’s visor or your bike’s windshield, which can obstruct your view. Leaves on the ground can also create a slippery situation that can lead to an accident.

Layer Up

As the weather gets cooler, you should layer up when you ride your motorcycle. You will want to have that extra layer for warmth so you can feel comfortable while you’re riding in cooler temperatures.

Check Your Tires and Fuel

It’s important to check the tread of your tires to ensure they are safe for riding. If the tread is under 2/32nd of an inch, you should get new tires. You will have better traction on the road. You should also check your fuel and replace the oil and coolant if necessary.

Be Cautious of Wildlife

During the fall, more animals are out searching for food, which can result in them entering roads. As a result, you should be extra cautious, especially if you’re riding during dusk or dawn.

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