Motorcycle Events

The Flickinger Legal Group likes to participate in its community as much as possible! We do that in several different ways. Due to us being fellow motorcyclists and sharing a love of riding, we sponsor several motorcycle events around Central Ohio.

At these motorcycle events we have a free raffle where event goers can enter to win Harley Davidson prizes, Flickinger Legal Group apparel, and much more – all for free! While at the events, we also offer free legal advice and love to get to know everyone.

Our Motorcycle History

Attorney Russ Flickinger began riding motorcycles over 30 years ago, and in that time, has completed not only one, but two Hoka Heys. For those unaware, the Hoka Hey is a motorcycle event in which riders compete for half a million dollars and must ride for thousands of miles over the course of weeks. Participants risk sleep deprivation and extreme weather conditions, compounded exponentially with the normal risks associated with riding! Russ owns three motorcycles, one of which is custom designed by Evil Iron Customs to be the Flickinger Legal Group promotional bike! It is sure to turn heads! For Russ’s long rides, he has a black 2010 HD Road Glide, and for the shorter rides, he has what most people know as “the purple bike,” which is a 1992 HD Fat Boy.

To no surprise, this dedication stayed in the family with Attorney Justin Flickinger, who grew up attending motorcycle shows with his father. In high school Justin was determined to be able to ride to school once he got his license, so he did just that! Justin still owns his first bike, which is very special and dear to him, a Boulevard Suzuki 650. He has put many miles on his bike with his father riding to places like Florida and Pennsylvania, Russ’s home state. Now a days, Justin actively rides whenever he finds time out of their busy office! He is also hoping to add another motorcycle to his collection, possibly a Cholo style Harley Davidson.

Home Of The Free Because of The Brave

The Flickinger Legal Group is a Veteran owned law firm. Our support to the troops both overseas and at home is unwavering. The Flickinger Legal Group expresses our utmost gratitude to those individuals who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country, as well as to those who continue to fight the battle.
One way we show our support to our brothers and sisters in uniform is by giving out an American Flag at every motorcycle event we sponsor. We purchase our flags from The Flag Lady’s Flag Store. We at the Flickinger Legal Group are proud to be Americans who live in a country where our flag can fly high each and every day!