Red Light Updated

If you have read our previous posts, you know that the issue of Ohio’s new red light law has been up in the air. As of today, drivers, after first coming to a full stop at a red light, who believe that the red light is malfunctioning, can drive through it. Obviously, such action must be done safely and committed while yielding to other traffic. The burden of proving that the red light is malfunctioning lies with the driver. In the event that the driver causes an accident, and it turns out that the light was working properly, the driver will be found at fault. The intent of Ohio Bill 154 was to loosen red light restrictions for bicyclist who uses the main roads. The wording of Ohio Bill 154 encompasses all motorists. For now, running a red light in Ohio is legal under certain circumstances. Traffic signal sensors rely on the weight of a vehicle to let it know when the light needs to change, but bicycles and motorcycles don’t always carry enough weight to alert the sensor. The Bill was designed to address situations effecting bicyclist, allowing them to proceed and go ahead and move through the red light when the sensors are not triggered. The wording of the law allows all on the road to take advantage of this exception.

But beware! A new Bill is currently being fast tracked to allow only bicycles to be effected.

Attached to this Bill is also a new law which states that motorists must have at least 3’ clearance when passing a bicycle on the road. Drivers should also be aware that they are permitted to cross a double yellow line when passing a bicyclist as long as there is no oncoming traffic.

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