The Right Choice

How to Choose an Attorney

It is a very difficult job because you are inundated daily by advertisements from attorneys. We have all seen them on TV. If you get in an accident then you are going to get probably 50 letters from lawyers saying pick me, choose me, I want to represent you.

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A Personal Touch

But what do you really know about these people? What should you know about these people? Well, there are three different things that you should be aware of. Their knowledge, their accessibility and how much experience they have. Now experience is one that’s pretty easy. How long that they have been doing this? How many trials have they done? How many people have they represented?

What kind of cases do they do? Do they do wills and bankruptcy and just some injury cases or do they do just injury? How about knowledge? What is it that they know about this particular part of the law? Do they understand how insurance companies work? Do they understand the requirements for taking a case to trial? Do they have the experience and knowledge to represent you?

And finally accessibility, how accessible are they to your needs? If you call on the phone and you want to talk to your lawyer, do you get your lawyer or do you get a paralegal or a secretary or a legal assistant or no one? With over 30 years of experience, representation for thousands of individuals; Russ and Justin are the only attorneys in this office—we’re the ones picking up the phone.

A Perfect Match for Your Injury Case

If you hire Flickinger Legal Group, Russ and Justin are the ones that represents you. By working on all cases together, we can ensure your case is handled right. We are the ones that meet with you and take down all of your information. We are the people who will call you back. We are the ones that would try your case and settle your case. And we are the ones that will give you your settlement check when the case is over. You do not deal with numerous associates or paralegals; you deal directly with us.

We don’t do wills, we don’t do domestic, we don’t do bankruptcy, we don’t do criminal, and we don’t do traffic tickets. All Flickinger Legal Group does is represent people who have been injured due to the negligent conduct of someone else. So if you are injured in an accident, if you are hurt, if you need some guidance with regard to an accident—give us a call.