So You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Signing up with a lawyer can be scary. You Google “personal injury lawyer” because something extremely bad has happened to you, either a car accident, some form of medical negligence, or maybe a dog attacked your child. Either way, you need help. You cannot handle the situation alone.

That is where the Flickinger Legal Group comes in. We offer a free consultation. What that means is that you can come into our office and sit down to talk with us about your case as long as you want. Our lawyers, Justin and Russ, will discuss all the ramifications and issues. In the end, if you decide you do not want to hire us, you do not owe us a thing!

Now, if you decide to hire The Flickinger Legal Group, we do work on a contingent fee. What this means is that you do not have to pay us hourly and you are not writing us a check each month. We only get our fee if we recover. If we do not recover, we do not get a fee. You will not owe us anything.

Lastly, there is also an issue of expenses. Expenses are incurred in pursuit of your case. There are usually things that we have to pay out of pocket for, medical records and medical bills, nothing expensive unless you get involved in litigation. What we want to emphasize is that when we represent you, we want you to feel free to come in and talk to us! Ask us questions until you are comfortable. Once again, you are not going to owe us anything. If you hire us it’s a contingent fee. We only charge if we end up recovering. If we do not recover you do not owe us any fee! As your personal injury lawyers, The Flickinger Legal Group will work our hardest to make your case as quick and easy as possible.

The Flickinger Legal Group, LLC is a personal injury law firm that resides at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to helping you with your dog bite, car accident, or slip and fall injury. We are also bikers ourselves, and thus are proud to serve the motorcycle community as motorcycle accident attorneys.