Let’s talk a little bit about trials. You’re injured in an accident and you come into the office. We try to settle with insurance company and they are unreasonable, so we have to file a lawsuit. What does that mean? Let me give you a little idea just so you have some information of what […]

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Medical Treatment image
Mar 03

Medical Treatment

Let’s talk a little bit about receiving adequate medical treatment.  Let’s use this example.  Let’s say you are sitting on a traffic light and somebody runs in to the back into your vehicle.  You go to the emergency room and take some x-rays.  They give you some pain medication.  They tell you that you are […]

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Medical Negligence Claims

I would like to talk to you about medical negligence claims.  In this country, statistics bare out that there are a lot of individuals who are injured due to negligent care by a medical professional.  Each state normally has a specific statute on medical malpractice.  Let me tell you a couple of important things to remember. […]

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