April Showers Bring Slick Sidewalks: Who’s Responsible if You’re Injured?

slip and fall on sidewalk

April showers help the flowers bloom and grass and trees turn green. However, they can also pose a real threat to your physical wellness.

When you have slipped and fell on rain-soaked sidewalks, you have rights as a victim of a slip and fall accident. Rather than tackle the legalities of pursuing justice and compensation on your own, you can hire one of the Columbus OH personal injury lawyers from the Flickinger Legal Group to represent you today.

Proving Responsibility for Your Accident

Property owners are legally required to keep their properties in safe conditions to prevent accidents like yours. Your lawyer can work to prove that the owner of the property on which you fell and got hurt neglected this responsibility. This evidence can convince a judge or jury to side with you and award you damages for your pain, suffering, loss of income and medical bills.

It can also convince the property owner to settle the claim out of court rather than go through an expensive and embarrassing trial. Your lawyer can negotiate with the property owner and his or her insurance company to reach a settlement that is suitable for your punitive and financial damages. You can receive compensation that not only pays for your immediate losses and suffering but also expenses that you could incur in the future because of the accident.

You do not want to initiate or proceed through the legal process alone without a lawyer. You lack the legal finesse and knowledge to convince the property owner to uphold his or her responsibility to you as the accident victim. Your lawyer can use his or her subpoena power and other legal maneuvers to work the case to your advantage.

You can begin building a case after a slip and fall accident on wet sidewalks today. Contact one of the Columbus OH personal injury lawyers from the Flickinger Legal Group today.