Common Springtime Trucking Accidents

spring accidents

When Spring arrives, more and more people decide to hit the road for vacations and other fun outings with family and friends. However, many of these road trips take tragic turns when accidents happen that involve large trucks. Since these trucks are much bigger than standard passenger vehicles, serious injuries almost always occur. As for why these accidents take place, there are many reasons. To learn about the most common ones and why you should always hire a truck accident lawyer Columbus Ohio from the Flickinger Legal Group to represent you in these matters, here are crucial points to remember.

Falling Asleep at the Wheel

While truck drivers are expected to make many deliveries on tight schedules, they are still required by federal regulations to take time to rest and sleep. However, many drivers ignore these regulations and wind up falling asleep behind the wheel, causing tragic accidents. If you were involved in an accident where a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel, immediately contact the Flickinger Legal Group to hire a truck accident lawyer Columbus Ohio who have experience handling these complex cases.

Distracted Driving

Due to truck drivers being on the road for many hours at a time, they are always trying to stay in touch with family and friends. Along with this, they are also talking to employers on a regular basis regarding deadlines and other matters. Unfortunately, they handle many of these communications behind the wheel, resulting in them being distracted while driving. Should they be involved in these activities for only a few seconds, a tragic accident can happen that leads to serious injuries for victims who are struck by the large vehicle.

Due to your immediate need for compensation to pay medical bills and help make up for lost wages, schedule your consultation today with a truck accident lawyer Columbus Ohio from the Flickinger Legal Group.