Fall Asleep at the Wheel into an Accident? What Happens Now

woman sleeping while driving

Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents in the country today. As much as you may try to stay awake, you can find yourself nodding off behind the wheel, especially when you are driving long distances.

However, when your fatigue has contributed to a serious vehicle accident, you need to take steps now to protect yourself from criminal and legal liabilities. You can hire one of the car accident lawyers in Columbus from the Flickinger Legal Group to represent you in any criminal or civil action today.

Mitigating Your Liability

As the person who fell asleep behind the wheel of your vehicle, you bear a significant legal responsibility to compensate your victims. Still, the circumstances behind your accident may not call for you to be jailed or fined into bankruptcy. They may even call for you to be shown mercy because of certain factors that caused your drowsiness.

Your legal team can bring these circumstances out to the front and center of your case. Your lawyer can argue that you were not entirely at fault for driving while drowsy or for falling asleep behind the wheel of your vehicle. The blame could be laid at the proverbial feet of medication manufacturers, for example, if you were on a medication for a certain health ailment.

Regardless, your legal team will work diligently to help you avoid the harshest penalties. They have the legal skills to argue down charges against you and negotiate a settlement with your insurer to pay out a lump sum of cash to keep the case out of court.

It is easy to think that everything is lost when you fell asleep while driving and caused a wreck. However, you can rebuild your life with as minimal effects from the case as possible by hiring a good attorney to represent you. Consult with one of the car accident lawyers in Columbus from the Flickinger Legal Group today.