Injury at Work

Let’s talk a little bit about the scenario where you are injured at work.  You have a Worker’s Comp accident, but you also have a claim against the person that injured you.  Now, this is normally going to occur when the person that injured you is not a co-employee.  Let us take this hypothetical scenario.

Let’s say you are driving for a company.  You are sitting at a traffic light and another vehicle slams into you. You have a Worker’s Comp claim because you were working at the time of the accident, but you also have a claim against the other driver that hit you.

So, how this does work?  Basically, your medical bills and everything else will be submitted to Worker’s Comp, then Worker’s Comp will end up paying for all those medical bills. That does not mean you are entitled to recover reimbursement for those medical expenses from the other driver nor does it mean that you are not allowed to recover reimbursement for your pain and suffering.

Continuing on with this current scenario:  You’re hit and you’re injured. Then you treat and Worker’s Comp will pay your medical bills.  We represent you in your accident case.  We work out a settlement with the insurance company then we workout a settlement with the Bureau of Worker’s Comp.  They have a formula that they will use to determine exactly how much money we have to reimburse.  We go through that scenario with them.  We get the reimbursement amount, we settle your case, and then we are able to get you the amount you are entitled to as settlement of your claim.  The bottom line is that just because you have a Worker’s Comp claim, that does not mean you cannot also have an injury claim against the person that injured you.

Now as I said, if it’s a co-employee, you probably do not have a personal injury claim, but if it is someone else that works for another company or someone that just happens to injure you while you are working, you might be entitled to receive more funds.

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