Is Ohio a No-Fault State for Car Accidents?

two men in a car accident

There has been a trend in recent years for some states to change over to a no-fault accident insurance program when dealing with financial recovery after an auto mishap. These states require injured accident victims to first file with their personal auto policy provider with initial injury claims. While this does seem like an effective program on paper, insurance companies have used the law to their own advantage in many ways. Luckily, Ohio is not among the states that created this advantage for insurance companies. However, it is still vital to have solid legal counsel when pursuing financial recovery in Ohio like an accident lawyer in Columbus Ohio at Flickinger Legal Group for an equitable settlement for personal injuries.

Filing a Claim

Ohio law allows injured parties to first contact the insurance company of a negligent driver when they have been involved in a collision. Sometimes this is actually their personal company as well, but not always. The report will generate a company investigation into the accident and a decision regarding coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies will actually force the claimant to prove the injury exists or claim comparative negligence discounts, and others may even want to make a quick offer to settle the claim if it could prove more valuable to the claimant in court. Neither one of these predicaments is a good sign, which means contacting an attorney should be the next step.

What Your Personal Injury Law Firm in Columbus Can Do

Most insurance companies want to avoid major payouts for claims even when they are valid and serious. An experienced accident attorney from a personal injury law firm in Columbus can conduct an independent investigation into the accident and focus on lessening your comparative negligence percentage when this is the defense. In addition, they can stress the importance of whole damages for non-economic general damages resulting from pain-and-suffering associated with the lingering physical affects. This is where your attorney works most diligently and what all claims adjusters want to avoid.

Contact Flickinger Legal Group

Never attempt handling your own accident injury case in Ohio. Injured victims always need a trained professional negotiator representing the case for whole damage settlement. Always call an accident lawyer in Columbus Ohio from Flickinger Legal Group for comprehensive legal counsel and a maximum settlement.