Motorcycle Helmet Laws in Ohio

motorcycle helmet laws

Wearing a helmet as safety equipment is optional for many Ohio motorcyclists, but there are still some who must wear the protective gear as a legal requirement to ride. Anyone under 18 years of age is required to wear a helmet at all times when riding any type of motorcycle, and those who are still operating on a temporary permit will need one also. And while it is true that all others are not necessarily in jeopardy of receiving a ticket for no helmet, it is advisable to wear one anyway for personal safety. Studies have shown that helmets protect the head effectively in many motorcycle crashes. The Columbus Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers at Flickinger Legal Group advise all riders to wear head gear when riding because it not only saves lives, but the fact an injured biker was not wearing a helmet can be a significant issue when trying to collect financial recovery following an accident.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Defenses

Insurance companies who are required to pay damages from a motorcycle accident claim can be relentless in defending against paying benefits because of the Ohio modified comparative negligence law. Luckily, any motorcyclist injured in an accident can recover some amount of financial compensation if their personal comparative negligence percentage is 50% or less. This is ultimately determined by a jury in a trial, and insurance companies use it regularly because any percentage will reduce the amount they are required to pay in benefits.

The Role of Your Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys not only represent a claim if it goes to court, but they also negotiate the settlement prior to the court date in most cases. Not wearing a helmet means that insurance providers will commonly force a case to trial in hopes of a minimal payout by claiming the fact no helmet was worn at them time of the mishap is personal contribution to the injury. Your attorney can focus on demanding full payment as well as defend against this claim from the insurer.

Never attempt handling your own accident claim when being involved in a motorcycle accident. Contact the Columbus Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers at Flickinger Legal Group for aggressive representation.