Red Light Camera

Do you remember the red light cameras? They might be making a comeback. Read this article to find out more. “State law passed in 2014 forbids the use of traffic or red light cameras without the presence of a police officer. Now, Dayton police are attempting to overturn the restrictions after a 45% increase in […]

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Red Light Updated

If you have read our previous posts, you know that the issue of Ohio’s new red light law has been up in the air. As of today, drivers, after first coming to a full stop at a red light, who believe that the red light is malfunctioning, can drive through it. Obviously, such action must […]

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New Ohio Red Light Law image
Feb 02

New Ohio Red Light Law

We have all been there. Anyone that rides knows that if you stop at a red light, there is a very good chance that your motorcycle will not activate the traffic light sensors. How many of you have sat through many light cycles waiting for the light to turn green? Usually it only activates if […]

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